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Judge overturns the BZA's decision to approve demolition of 112-118 W. Main Street!

Read more about it in this Dayton Daily News  article by Nancy Bowman


About three-fourths of all decisions made by the Troy Planning Commission affect our downtown. Yet we have NO representation from people who live, work, or own property downtown, nor from people representing historic preservation organizations or with skill sets such as architecture. This needs to change and, as you'll see from this video, there isn't a lot of eagerness to make that change ... yet. Encourage your council member to bring about better representation on the Planning Commission. (They have more power to bring change about than they might think they do.) If they offer an excuse, ask them what their solution is.


Our very own President, Ben Sutherly, was honored as a Preservation Hero, for his commitment to preservation efforts. We thank you, Ben, for your dedication to protecting historic places in our beautiful city!

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At THPA we gladly make the effort.

We invite you to join us for our monthly membership meeting to

learn about the progress of our efforts.

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Key Points to consider including in your message:

It’s common sense for downtowners to have a voice on the Troy Planning Commission, which makes important decisions affecting the downtown.

Adding 2 seats to the Planning Commission is the best way to accomplish this.

Troy City Council grew from 7 to 9 members several years ago.

The Planning Commission can grow from 7 to 9 members, too.


The proposal to add 2 seats is endorsed by the Boards of:

Troy Main Street, Troy Community Works, Troy Historic Preservation Alliance, the Troy Historical Society and the Overfield Tavern.

Giving Downtowners a say on the Planning Commission is just as important as making updates to the city’s zoning code.



Not sure who to contact? Go to to find your ward.

At Large Council Members represent ALL Troy residents.

1st ward: Jeffery Whidden

2nd ward: Kristie Marshall

3rd ward: Samuel Pierce

4th ward: Bobby Phillips

5th ward: William Twiss

6th ward: Jeffrey Schilling

Todd Severt: At Large Council Member

Lynne Snee: At Large Council Member

William Rozell: At Large Council Member

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ICe cream social

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, despite the rain!

We will be having another Ice Cream social, so watch for updates!

july 15, 2022

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